About Us

Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Welcome to G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur!

I am excited and honored to extend my warmest greetings to all of you. At G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur, we have a unique perspective on education: we believe it's not just a school experience; it's a thrilling adventure for every child. With this guiding principle, we have molded the Goenkan Education Universe dedicated to creating an environment where students can explore, learn, and flourish.

We've all heard the saying, "Let Education be the best adventure of a child's life." These words truly capture the heart of our educational philosophy. We view education as a grand journey filled with opportunities to grow, overcome challenges, and revel in the joy of gaining knowledge. Our commitment is to ensure that every student's time at G.D. Goenka is an unforgettable and enriching adventure.

Our team of educators goes beyond traditional teaching; they act as mentors and guides, nurturing each student's talents, creativity, and intellect. We emphasize a well-rounded education that includes not only academics but also extracurricular activities, character development, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

As Principal, I hold strong confidence that our students will embark from G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur, as confident, capable individuals who excel academically, possess social awareness, and are poised to make a positive impact on the world.

I encourage all parents and guardians to actively participate in the school community because your partnership is vital to your child's educational journey. Together, we can ensure that each child's educational adventure is truly remarkable.

Mr. Daljeet Singh

Principal, G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur