Primary School

At GD Goenka International School, Raipur, our primary school curriculum is designed to offer enriching and intellectually stimulating experiences in a caring and supportive atmosphere. We aim to foster a deep understanding of self and the world in our young learners through a diverse range of expressive avenues, encompassing languages, music, art, drama, English, social science, mathematics, and physical education.

Our primary students embark on an exciting learning journey that nurtures their creative thinking and fosters rational comprehension. They actively engage in constructive pursuits that ignite their intellectual curiosity. The subjects covered include English, Hindi, mathematics, environmental studies (E.V.S), general knowledge, and computer studies, which broaden their horizons and equip them to tackle real-life challenges adeptly.

Moreover, to ensure holistic development, we provide a wide array of co-curricular activities seamlessly integrated into their academic schedule. This approach enables our students to acquire foundational skills in these areas through regular exposure, contributing to their comprehensive growth.