Pre Primary

Education is a lifelong voyage, and at G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur, we recognize the significance of commencing this journey with a solid foundation. It is at this initial stage that we lay the groundwork for a genuine passion for learning. In our Pre-Primary program, we empower our young learners to embrace fundamental concepts while embarking on a journey of exploration. We foster an environment where children are not only encouraged to question, analyze, discuss, and express their thoughts but also to engage in hands-on learning experiences.

At G.D. Goenka International School, we advocate for an educational approach that centers around play-based methods. Concepts are introduced through creative activities such as origami, clay modeling, sand play, and painting, providing students with a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of children. It is phonetics-based, facilitating a solid foundation in spelling and vocabulary. Throughout the program, we focus on developing essential skills, including fine and gross motor skills, reading proficiency, language fluency, communication abilities, as well as numeracy concepts. Our primary aim is to bridge the transition between the nurturing environment of home and the structured demands of formal education.

To enrich our curriculum, our dedicated educators incorporate elements of music, art, and library and computer programs. Furthermore, we emphasize the significance of cultural festivals, encouraging students to embrace and internalize Indian values daily. At G.D. Goenka International School, Raipur, we are committed to providing a nurturing and holistic educational experience that sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning.