Concept Lab

One of our vision and goals is to provide a student with an exemplary academic environment that treats them, student, just as uniquely as they are while allowing them to grow to their maximum potential by themselves. This is where GDGIS' Concept Lab steps in. Designed by alchemizing the best-proven Educational approaches of the World - The Montessori System, The Waldorf Theory, the Reggio Emilia approach, and The Kindergarten.

The Montessori System of education is the most scientific, comprehensive, and effective for the stages of early education whereas the Waldorf theory considers that during the first years of life, children learn by being immersed in an environment via subconscious imitation of practical activities, which also makes the base of their upcoming personality and behavioral pattern of life.

The Reggio Emilia approach values the child as a strong, capable, and resilient individual, rich with wonder and knowledge where the environment is recognized for its potential to inspire the children. Kindergarten approach steps in for the transition of the child from Home to School, based on playing, singing, practical activities, and social interaction which is integrally crucial in a children’s environment.