Concept Lab

At GDGIS, we aim to provide an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual and develops him or her to the maximum potential and to provide variety of learning experiences which promote integrative growth in all areas be it physical, intellectual, moral, emotional or social. In our endeavour to ensure holistic development for our children in their foundation years, we have set up a well-equipped Concept lab which has been especially designed by amalgamating the best four educational approaches of the World- The Montessori System, The Waldorf theory, The Reggio Emilia Approach and The Kindergarten.

The Montessori system of education is the most scientific, comprehensive and effective system of early education.

The Reggio Emilia approach values the child as strong, capable and resilient rich with wonder and knowledge where the environment is recognized for its potential to inspire children.

The Waldorf theory considers that during the first years of life children learn by being immersed in an environment through unselfconscious imitation of practical activities.

The transition from home to school in Kindergarten traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities like drawing and social interaction all happen in children's environment.

The fundamental of setting up this state-of-the-art Concept Lab comes from our efforts to give the very best and idyllic environment to each and every child of G.D Goenka.